Welcome to FehrSailing, a blog dedicated to photos of the Swiss Dart 18 Sailing Association. I got involved with photographing their regattas through my husband. Before I started trailing in his wake, I was a landscape photographer, with tendencies towards macro photography, so you may see some not-entirely-sailing photos turn up…
When I’m not at a regatta, I spend most of my time sewing, sailing, swimming, skiing, playing squash…is there a trend emerging here? I also read, bake, and go hiking. And then there is the proof-reading – my other job!
I’ve been living in Switzerland for 6 years, and love it: their main national dishes are fondue (cheese and bread), raclette (cheese and potatoes) and rösti (potatoes and cheese). I love cheese. I love potatoes. What’s not to like?
I wish you fun with all these sailing photos…


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